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SNAP Financial Group collects name, address, email address, date of birth and driver’s license information, which will be used only for the purpose of processing this application. Information about you may also be obtained from credit reporting agencies during the application review process. Your information is shared only with third parties as required by law, and with SNAP’s subsidiary, RedBrick Financial Group, in order to review this application and make an approval decision.

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SNAP Home Finance Corp., should it accept this application, intends to provide access to its Finance program and technology to the above identified organization (hereinafter called the "DEALER"); The DEALER will be required to enter into a formal Dealer Agreement before access to the SNAP Home Finance Corp. finance program will be granted.

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For security reasons we will not store any of your personal information including driver's license, date of birth, and home address. However, we do save the company information to help you fill out the rest of the form with ease when you wish to. We will email a link to this registered contact that can be used to complete and submit the application.